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Band News for July 2018

We’ve got some great feedback from some of our latest shows!

“Midnight Rider Very Impressive at Danny’s On Douglas! Had the pleasure to finally catch Midnight Rider at Danny’s On Douglas in Elgin last Saturday night. I was very impressed with this group of professional caliber players that have a wealth of combined stage experience. Featuring dual drummers, guitars and vocals, they have that signature brothers sound and soul. This band was just formed earlier this year, but already are already garnering great reviews and accolades. In my 50+ years in the music biz, this is by far the best new lineup we have seen and heard since the original Allman Brothers!” Reviewer: Bill Kniewel Event Date: June 30th, 2018

“I’ve heard a million bands try and play Stormy Monday and you guys are the first band I have every heard that ever nailed it.”

“You guys are amazing. I could have listened to you for another hour.” -Guitarist from the band that followed us.

“I was staying at the motel across the water, opened my window and heard you guys, came over, bought a ticket, and caught the rest of your show and it was amazing.” “I am going to start following you guys everywhere!”

A guy came running across the street and said “I just wanted to shake your hand. You guys are amazing, and what on earth was that scale you were using in Hot ‘Lanta (obviously a guitar player)?”

“I was walking around checking out different bands and I stopped by the railing when I heard your band and stayed for the whole show. While I was there you wouldn’t believe how many people did the same thing and they all stayed until you were done.”

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