Midnight Rider

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Midnight Rider… in the beginning.

Midnight Rider… in the beginning…
There were three, and no one was looking to put together a tribute band.

It all started like this…
Frank, The Preacher, Judd called his drummer friend Christopher, Hawkeye, Mizyk to come out and play with a Southern Rock project he and some buddies were putting together. Hawkeye declined. He was already occupied with Herm, the Long Tall Cool One… and Voja, Vic the Slick, Ciric in their band Medicine Man.
Not one to be deterred, The Preacher swayed Hawkeye with four enticing tidbits;
1- Rehearsal drums were already set up and ready to go. No lugging his kit for just rehearsals.
2- Rehearsal was practically in his backyard.
3- Jeffrey, The Professor, Baschemin was already on board.
4- Singer Mason Clay had a voice gifted from angels.
So Hawkeye said yes.

Hawkeye went to that first rehearsal and met Mason. They played some Lynyrd Skynyrd, then they played some Molly Hatchett, and it was good. Really good. THEN… they played “Soulshine”, by The Allman Brothers. It was more than good… it was absolute magic. Hawkeye was floored. Mason was born to channel Gregg Allman.
During a break, he complimented Mason on his rendition of the three Allman Brothers’ songs they had played. Mason just smiled, rolled up his shirt sleeve, to show his Allman Brothers Tattoo.
There was no way to deny it… It was kismet… The Midnight Rider would ride again!
Then there were four.

The lineup needed to be filled out. The logical bass player was their longtime partner in crime, Herm. He happily swapped out his guitar and violin for his first love… Bass.
And there were 5.

The next piece of the puzzle would have to be a killer percussionist. Enter Dr. Sweat, of the Funk Brotherz. There was magic in the rhythm section.
And there were 6.

Along with the soulful vocals, they knew that the most essential component in putting together an Allman Brothers Band Tribute was finding the perfect Guitar Players.
They already had one in the Professor. They set about to find the final piece of this glorious puzzle.
Many were contacted.
More were contacted.
Hawkeye was talking with the third member of Medicine Man, the very talented Voja, who was already a thriving, successful, and very busy, member of the Chicago Blues Community.
Hawkeye mentioned to him that they just couldn’t find the right fit in a guitar player.
Turned out Voja wanted to be the guy all along but was too much a gentleman to stick his nose in.
He was just waiting for someone to ask.
Now there are 7

And this, my friends… THIS is what we call Serendipity.




  1. Funny part about it is. Voja Hawkeye and I were in a band previously (before Medicine Man) with Jeff, the Professor playing bass! We didn’t know how prolific of a guitar player he was at the time.

  2. So awesome! As I was reading this I kept thinking “this is Serendipity!” (my favorite way of seeing the world ) and there it was…you said it at the end!!❤❤❤

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