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Chapter 3: Who Cares??

Okay… so the band is together, we’re rehearsing the material. Now… Who cares? Does anybody really care that we are pouring this blood, sweat, and tears into this Allman Brothers Project?

I mean we’re in Chicago. Home of the Blues, Chess Records, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf. It was a hotbed of British Invasion type pop bands in the ’60s, The Cryan Shames, The Buckinghams, New Colony Six, The Shadows of Knight, but certainly not a melting pot of Southern Rock. Yet there we were skilled, trained musicians sitting in a rehearsal studio for hours, and learning this music that wasn’t filled with radio hits, by a band that hadn’t had a tour in over a decade, hadn’t put out a new album in 16 years, and were all dead but 2.
Who Cares?

Well, apparently you do.

And for that we are grateful. We have found this music to be timeless. It seems to touch people in ways that are meaningful to them.

Our first few months of gigs have been outstanding, and the response has been phenomenal. We are looking forward to a few more before the end of the year. Click the “Shows” tab on this page for details.

New stuff… We now have a youtube channel. Please subscribe.

At this time of year, we in Midnight Rider wish a Happy Thanksgiving to you, our friends, family & fans.

See you soon,



    1. Hi Tammy!
      The Professor would like you to know that he is out of the hospital… and making a very speedy recovery.
      Thank you for asking. Jeff wants you to know he is touched.

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