Midnight Rider

Author: Ed Peterson


So here we are at the end of the year. Midnight Rider is blown away. The response from our audiences has been over-the-top. The Critics have been unanimously positive. The venues have been extremely gracious.  It’s hard to believe that it’s only 7 months since our 1st gig last May. We get more comfortable & in […]

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Chapter 3: Who Cares??

Okay… so the band is together, we’re rehearsing the material. Now… Who cares? Does anybody really care that we are pouring this blood, sweat, and tears into this Allman Brothers Project? I mean we’re in Chicago. Home of the Blues, Chess Records, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf. It was a hotbed of British Invasion type pop […]

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Midnight Rider… in the beginning.

Midnight Rider… in the beginning… There were three, and no one was looking to put together a tribute band. It all started like this… Frank, The Preacher, Judd called his drummer friend Christopher, Hawkeye, Mizyk to come out and play with a Southern Rock project he and some buddies were putting together. Hawkeye declined. He […]

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Band News for July 2018

We’ve got some great feedback from some of our latest shows! “Midnight Rider Very Impressive at Danny’s On Douglas! Had the pleasure to finally catch Midnight Rider at Danny’s On Douglas in Elgin last Saturday night. I was very impressed with this group of professional caliber players that have a wealth of combined stage experience. […]

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